Knocking the Dust Off… Your Yoni?

The feminine is the feeling part of us, our deepest intuition, our sense of community and connection. Additionally, it is a sense of spiritual morality and consciousness. The feminine is life. It may shock you to hear that she does not care about production, accomplishment, domination, assertiveness, or winning. Those are masculine values. On the contrary, she favors enjoyment, inclusion, surrender, and sustainability.
— Regena Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation

What do you think might happen if you let go of the agenda you had for your pleasure?

I’m not talking about the party line response, where we immediately reply with things like:

...I’d be happier and free

...I’d have even better sex

...I’d have even deeper self-love

Now, these are all “valid” things that you will likely feel if you dropped your Pleasure Agenda...

But what I’m talking about is the raw, wriggly, primal desires and fears that are underneath all those “nice” responses.

The shit that has you believing your pleasure needs to take a backseat to your hustle.

And the shit that has you quaking in your chonies, guarding your yoni {and your heart} from all possible pain.

Yesterday, we talked about annihilation.

I’ve already been hearing about some incredible insights people are having since reading the article.

Things that brought them back to childhood… And how they’ve been holding onto so much in their body that they weren’t even aware was there.

The response of guarding ourselves from pain, like the response of annihilation, can work as an initial bodily “command”... but only in very specific situations.

In most moments, however, it causes even more pain.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you play sports and just got a wicked injury.

And so you rehab until you’re ready to RTP {return to play}...

Except now you’re guarding your injured body part and doing something you’ve never done before:

Playing scared.

You’re not playing to win, you’re playing to not get hurt.

And there’s a huge fucking difference between the two.

Just ask anyone who has ever stepped back onto the court {or field/floor/pool/etc…} and felt fear in the one place that before, had always felt like home.

It’s a mind-fuck, let me tell you.

But this is what we’re doing to our pussy and our breasts and our bodies and our hearts when we tell ourselves that pleasure and intimacy have to wait.

That we’re not ready.

That we’ll just dip our toes in and choose partners who we know won’t break us.

Can’t break us.

Because we never actually suited up...

We’re riding the bench.

We’re pretending to play, but in reality we’ve become the “6th {wo}mxn” in our own lives.

Until one day…

You decide that maybe you’ve rehabbed enough.

From whatever trauma or pain or fear that left your soul injured in the first place.

And you’ve decided to go all in.

You’ve decided to play for the love of it, instead of playing to not get hurt.

But now you’re faced with a new problem:

How do you knock the dust off and actually reconnect to the most primal freedom within your own skin?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing that won’t work…

Business as usual.

Which is why the inaugural issue of Body of Work has a complete section dedicated to re-establishing a “working connection” with your body…

And knocking the dust off your pussy {and your heart}.

So you can produce your greatest creative work ever…while also having an abundance of time and energy for the projects {and people} that matter most.

No more playing scared for you, Wild One.

That is…

If you choose to use your fear and avoidance as FUEL for your feminine fire… and step into this Work in a way you never have before.

Doors open soon and you’ll be the first to know…

If you stay alert and hop on this opportunity as soon as it drops.

The inaugural issue will only be open through March 31.

So don’t sleep.

Because, like Will Smith said…

“If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.”

Yup yup.

Oh, and tmrw me thinks we shall muse on the intersection of feminine {surrender, opening} and masculine {focus, achievement} energies... Be sure to check your email.

Loving you,

Nikka “The Pussy {Re}Wilder” Karli

Nikka Karli