Karma: What They Don't Want You to Know


Look. I get it.


There’s always so much talk about our carbon blueprint {hello, Mama Earth!!! 😩}.... but what about our KARMIC Blueprint?!!!


Look, I’m like Gary Vee.

...I believe we only get one “at bat”. ⚾


One chance at this life thing.


One time only in a human meat suit.


I know that’s not what HE was talking about but still. It fits this too. 🤣


Now. Do I know everything?


Umm really? Not even one millionth of a percent of what there is to know! 🤷🏽‍♀️


But as to my Truth so far, I don’t believe that if for some crazy reason I didn’t do the work I’m here to do that I’ll come back as a cockroach.


I just don’t.


{And yes, I know there’s more to reincarnation than bugs, I’m just getting into a point here... stay with me.}


I DO however believe that I will create a ripple effect throughout the world that LOWERS the vibration of our Universe if I choose to not do what I came here to do. 😱


Now, you might be saying “oh phew! Even if I’m mean and an asshole, the only bad karma I get is hurting the planet! But me? I’ll be straight! Woo hoo!!”


If that’s you, you should probably just peace out from my stuff now. 😂✌️🏽


But if you’re like “oh snap, so this whole humaning thing is not just about ME and how I affect my own life? But rather about how I have the power to affect ALL life?”...


Then you’re gonna want to stick around.


Because Karma IS a bitch...


But it’s a bitch that hurts everyone we love and people we’ve never even met and our Mama Earth....


Which THEN affects us.


But wait? I thought I {probably} didn’t have to come back as a cockroach tho!!!! 😫🤭


Yeah. True.


But you will still be connected to all sentient energy from the dawn of time through whenever.


Soooo.... yeah.


You’ll still feel that Karlic Bitch long after you’re gone.


So. Let’s recap...


Your Karmic Blueprint.


Who does it affect?


You? Yes.

The planet? Yes.

All souls forever and ever amen? Also... yes.


So how about we take that into account rather than just worrying about whether or not reincarnation happens to crappy people or if we’ll come back and alienate/harm our twin flame or, again, the whole cockroach thing {because ewwwww}.


Look, if you believe in coming back, awesome.


If you don’t, awesome.


I don’t debate shit like that.


Because I believe we have way better things to do with our time on this planet than what we may or may not do after we leave it. #justsayin


{and if you’re all triggered and about to debate it in the comments... just... don’t}


So whether or not I was a temple priestess of Sacred Sexuality {the only thing I’ve been told I was in a past life, which I mean, duh 😂🙌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️}...


Pretty irrelevant to the here and now.


But, you’re saying, what about the pain that you’ve carried throughout lifetimes and your “duty” to finish what you started 1000 years ago {if you believe in coming back}?


Look, again, I don’t know about you, but this whole humaning thing is hard enough for an Indigo in these streets {yeah I just Tupac’d you} without worrying about the pressure of needing to clear thousands of years of baggage in the next 50-80 years {I’m living long and prospering like a GODDESS, thought you knew! 🧚🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️}.


And if I obsess over what I might’ve done or who I might’ve been before THIS MOMENT, it all gets to be... too much.


And it takes me out of THIS life and puts me into an existential sorrow that permeates my soul and keeps me from doing the mission at hand, which {for me} is non-negotiable.


So maybe you like staying in the quagmire of your possible past lives or lamenting the love you once had.


Or maybe you like not taking responsibility for your own freedom and mission in the present because you figure “hey, wtf? I’ll get to do this same thing again so why bother over anything now?”.


I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.


Wait, wait.


I care about YOU and your path and your joy and your pleasure and your soul and your LIGHT.


But I don’t care about the debate.


I don’t care about our excuses.


I don’t care about why we’re not doing what we came here to do {EXCEPT where we can use that knowledge to heal and transmute the energy into the mission at hand!}.


And I don’t care about what MAY come in some future that God may or may not place us in.


What I DO care about is you.


...The collective.

...The ancestral pain AND love that ride our bones.




...The fucking MISSION at HAND.



But enough about me.


Let’s talk about you.


...And what you’re willing to stand for in THIS life.


...What you’re willing to stop debating in order to start CREATING.


...Why you’re HERE and why you aren’t living it with complete abandon and turn on. 💯


...And what you are COMMITTED to embodying throughout your life in order to walk your path and share the medicine you hold inside.




And if you’d like to go deeper on this, let’s do get it!!! 💃🏽🦄🔮


Here’s how:


1) I’m dropping a vlog this afternoon on YouTube. Make sure you’re subbed and have notifications turned on {the 🛎️}.


2) Contact me right now to talk about how I can help you transmute sexual energy THROUGH your body to help clear wounding, gain clarity on the mission {and message} at hand, expand your capacity to stand in the power of your Goddess Consciousness, and scale your brand into a MOVEMENT.


I have some time to chat this afternoon.


3) Comment YESSSSSS if you got this far so I can say hi and love up on you! 💋




Ok. That’s all.


Lots of Dope Karma + Dope Beats 🎧,

N 🐾🌙


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Nikka Karli