Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD


How many times have you sat down to create something, like the BEST thing evahhhh…

And you stalled out because you couldn’t decide on exactly what to do first?

Meaning... you had trouble committing to the first {or next} step because there are soooo many things you’re ridiculously enamored with {aka, you’ve got the squirrel-itis}...

And you found yourself unable to move forward because there were five million ideas vying for your attention and so your brain just cracked out on mental masurbation and you fell into an exhausted heap with, alas, nothing actually having been accomplished.


And these weren’t irrelevant things, oh no.

These were highly pertinent, related, and connected things.

Which just made it all that much harder to focus and choose what to do next.

Le sigh.

This is what happens when I find myself skipping days of “getting in” my creativity.

When I don’t stoke my creative fire, the next time I sit down to create, I’m at a loss for which piece of my soul is asking to be birthed right then and there.

It’s like those missing days created a vacuum, one where every possible idea from the last century got sucked in and mixed together in a hot, sizzlin’ mess.

So when I try to actually sit down and make something worthwhile with that hot mess action...

Nothing that even resembles creativity is within reach.

And so I sit there, frowning at my screen and rolling my eyes, waiting for “inspiration” to hit.

News flash:

Inspiration doesn’t hit.

Because your creative muscles have atrophied from misuse and all that’s left is for you to sit there and wait.

And wait.

Aaaaannnndddd wait.

And then come back the next day and do it all over again.

Until, one day, you’ve proven your recommitment to the Muse once again and she bestows some delicious morsel for you to mold into… something brilliant.

Or at least not complete and utter shite.

Double le sigh.

Why do we do this?

Why do we still go back to our amatuer ways when we know we just need to sit down and CREATE?

Well, I’ll tell you:

It’s called abdication.

Specifically Throne Abdication.

And it’s the #1 thing that is holding us back from the next level of impact, creative flow, and erotic embodiment we crave, all the way into the depths of our being.

I talk all about what I call “The Throne Abdicator” in Lesson 2 of Scale Your Impact™.

You can enroll {for free} here.

And once you’ve signed up, hit reply and tell me the biggest thing that you have been abdicating in your art and mission.

Can’t wait to hear.

Loving you,


You may or may not know, but one of my primary Geniuses is facilitating raw, wild activation of Primal Pussy Power through ceremony.

And I’m going to the jungle in a few months, to guide an intimate group of game-changing creators to become completely... undone.

In the way we make art, make love, and make an impact.

...Join us?

Nikka Karli