It's Time For You to Stop People-Pleasing and Start Soul-Pleasing


Just be you... In a world where so many people are TRYING to be something they're not, just to please their family/friends/boss/society, it's time for the Visionaries to stand up.

It's time for the wannabe world changers to, you know, actually begin CHANGING THE WORLD.

It's time for YOU to stop people-pleasing and start soul-pleasing.

It's time for us to lift each other other up and elevate each other's dreams.

It's time for the Artists and Creatives and Leaders and Strategizers and Healers and Tribe Builders to call in their people.

It's time for an uprising of like-minded Paradigm Shifters to begin living full out and unapologetically.

It's time for a massive shift in consciousness towards following our own truths rather than someone else's expectations.

It's time for you.

It's time for me.

To simply be who we are meant to be.

Without judgment.  Or fear.  Or self-limiting doubt.

No more trying to be anything other than the absolutely brilliant leader that you are here to be.

Because, Lovers.

It's time.


Here's to your Untaming,

Nikka Karli

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