It’s Not Me, It’s You


You know how people always say "it's not you, it's me"? Well, this time, it's you. 😳

This is about you saying you want something when you have no real BELIEF in your ability to get/do it.

This is about you talking a good game, but the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Face all screwed up yet? 🤬

Butt hurt?

Sweetness, keep reading.

If you've ever said "OMG I loooove your energy and you give me liiiiife" but you haven't signed up to work with me yet, ask yourself why that is.

Again, this is not about me, it's about you.

I've realized that I've been kind of sugar coating a part of my Truth that I share with you.

And it's time to come clean. 🔥

I've been in the mind space where I was writing and DMing mentors and people to tell them how dope they were and how I'd "definitely" be working with them "at some point in the future"...

But then I had an awakening.

Around how I was actually shirking my Divine Responsibilities to my SOUL and abdicating the throne of my life {aka being a princess and Wounded Healer} by doing this.

When we say things like this, we are actually forcibly SHOVING our desire away from us. 😱

Sure, we "think" we mean what we say...

Except our soul really knows that we're talking out the side of our mouth because the only reason we're even saying it is because we don't see HOW we can work with the mentor in any foreseeable future.

Now, this might seem like a money thing, a time thing, an energy thing, an I have so many kids and can't even think straight thing...

But really? Underneath it all?

It's an INTEGRITY thing. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Are you standing in integrity with who you say that you are?

Are you paying people lip service because you think it's going to help you or them?


I've been there.

I used to say this shizz too.

And we tell ourselves that we're simply "speaking our desires into existence" by telling people we are definitely, surely, 100% going to work with them... someday.

But in reality, all we're doing is REINFORCING our disbelief that we can achieve this result in our lives right now.

And, eventually, this becomes encoded in our belief system about the type of person we are. 😩

So again.

If you've told me or anyone else that you couldn't wait to work with them {insert future disempowering statement here}...

Ask yourself why.

Why haven't you enrolled, gone to their event, started mentoring with them, etc?


I'll tell you one big thing that I see stopping the most powerhouse could-be world changers:

You're putting everything else first.

I bet you've enrolled with some kind of business marketing coach in the last 6 months, right? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Started a course on ads or funnels or list building, right?

Gone to a weekend "ra ra" seminar to hype you up and send you out into the world with no real tools for lasting change, right?

Invested time and energy into a photo shoot and "rebrand", right?

But you're not investing in your intimacy with your SOUL.

Oh sure, you did that one course that one time and thought you were set for the next decade, right?

I actually did a poll of some of my peeps and they all preferred a quick "course" on deep soul and sex and energy work rather than ongoing mentorship.

Because that's the kind of world we live in now.

Gimme the "deep" stuff in a few weeks so I can "forever" change my life. 🧐


And I know some of you are like "yeah! I have so many people telling they want to work with me and they never do! You tell 'em!!!"

Well.... slow your roll, Darlin'.

Because this is most ESPECIALLY for you.

Wait, what? 🤯

Yup, if people are saying it to YOU, then it's time to check yourself and see how you are doing this in your own life.

When I realized what I was doing, I let the whole "I can't wait to work with you someday" shit go a while ago.

But whenever I receive this kind of message on repeat, I take ownership of how else I've fallen out of integrity in my own life and soul's work.

What am I just giving lip service?

...Oh yup, gonna get on adaptogens and organic blah blah blah every morning.

...Oh for sure, gonna step up my writing game and have X pages done by next Sunday.

...Oh, mmmhmmmm, gonna do a media blitz and take over the world by Tuesday.

Yeahhhhh, OK. 😒

So if you're hearing this in your soul's work, it's time to look at how you are abdicating the throne.

At how you've dropped back from Embodied Leader to Wounded Healer.

And if you want the shift, CREATE the shift inside yourself first.

I'm going live this afternoon on Facebook to break this down even more and to talk about how we can use sensual energy to shift even faster.

Come play. 😍

Because you know when you're out of integrity.

So it's time to dust yourself off and own it...

And then consciously CHOOSE how you are going to re-encode your mind and body to move back into full alignment with your soul.

Loving you,

N 🐾🌙


Triggered? Good. Our triggers are our greatest teachers. 🦄

Come join me at 3pm PT on my FB page to go deeper and ask your questions around sensual energy and soul integrity.

Nikka Karli