Is sex a gateway drug?


You know the feeling of being so deeply turned on and wet and orgasmic that you have an out of body experience and start receiving the teachings of God?

If so, get it, mama!

If not, what if you could?

In so many modern cultures, sex is vilified as being the thing that takes us away from God/Source.

But what if this weren’t the case?

What if, by understanding how to experience sex as a sacred act, we could transform our individual relationships with sex… and, through this, transform the collective relationship with sex as well?

It’s possible.

I’ve seen it and been apart of its magic.

And it doesn’t mean we have to transcend our current reality…

Instead, we learn how to call down God in and through our current reality.

And sex is the key.

Well... certain methods of sex are the key.

Thirsty for more?

Fab. We’ll dive into it even more tmrw.

Loving you,

Nikka “With Bells On” Karli


Mmmmm… What do you think the methods are?


Can I coach you for free?

Nikka Karli