Irene Cara And The Loneliness Of The Creator

Nikka Karli
Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been,
Who I am, 
Do I fit in.
Make believin’ is hard alone,
Out here on my own.
— Irene Cara

As Creators, we can often feel as if we’re navigating a really weird, twisty, gnarled road… on our own.

We may even have a loving family, incredible friends, and trusted mentors and coaches.

But at the end of the day, sometimes it’s as if they’ve all faded into some alternate reality and we’re left here… with the howling of our souls demanding us to do more… serve more… create more… be more.

There is no answer, per say, to this isolation.

No answer, save this:

Say yes.

To what, you ask?

The hunger.

The longing.

The angst.

The curiosity.

The chaos.

The healing.

The power.

The you.

Because when we say yes to the experience, we also say yes to life.

Not just to existing but, rather, to finally allowing ourselves to be fully alive.

And when we commit to engaging with life in the most intimate dance of Truth and Soul, we find we were never really alone at all.

Which, in the howling of night, helps us remember why we started in the first place.

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