Introspection, Inspiration, & Emergence

I've been feeling uninspired about what to say to you.
Just super internal and not "wanting" to be engaged with anyone.
I go through these phases.
I go through them daily on some level, but I'm also noticing that they last a long time at certain points.
And as I study our cycles and rhythms more and more...
The moon and our seasons and nature herself...
I am coming to a deeper understanding of my own desires.
And I am learning to fight them less and surrender to them more.
I know as guides and coaches and Light Leaders we feel the pressure to always be "on" and to stay "relevant" by always putting stuff out there for people to CONSUME.
I myself have hundreds and hundreds and videos, live streams, blogs, articles, etc out and around the interwebs that you can dive into for free.
And yet... there are times when I just need to shut up.
Yes, it's partly because I'm an introverted, empathic, sensitive, artistic Indigo.
But, also, the more I surrender... the more my eyes open to my own Truth.
And for me, Truth involves a lot of time where I am not sharing everything I create.
Yes, sometimes I still feel guilty or "wrong" for not sharing everything (my own "stuff"... the archetypal stories that I am moving and working through)...
But it no longer rules me.
We are brought to believe that- as creatives and visionaries on a mission- we have a responsibility to Others before our responsibility to Ourselves.
And we play into this day in and day out.
In our relationships...
Our friendships...
With our businesses...
With our own soul's expression...
But what if we allowed ourselves the space to simply Be with our own Truth for a while?
What if, through our own sacred keeping of Self and Soul Space, we are then even more filled up with yummy succulent creative Genius that we can then share with the world as we feel called?
Now, there is a difference between Resistance (hiding out, not feeling ready, believing we need 8 million other certifications and validations before we can begin) and this type of Soul Surrender of which I speak.
And it is through our own embodied soul tracking and story excavation that we can come to know the difference and recognize where we actually stand in any moment (this is a huge part of the work I do with my clients... it's THAT important).
The time of winter is receding.
And with it, this cocoon of introspection will also fade.
At least, for me it will.
I can already feel myself actually being excited to energetically engage with people again (hey, introverted Indigo here, remember?).
But it's only because I am learning to honor the whisperings and longings of my soul.
To stand in my own Truth... rather than what I am "supposed to do" as a Creator.
What of your own longings? Are you ready to shed your cocoon? Or are you still feeling the introspection of the winter season?
Loving you madly and deeply.
I created my quiz. Finally.
It's called the Wild Woman Untamed Archetype Quiz. Wanna take it? Click here, Lover.