I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date

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It’s something that moves us, no matter how much we like to pretend that we don’t care about deadlines and linear time constraints.

That blood-pumping, endorphin rush-inducing, breath-quickening sensation that floods throughout our entire body and makes us feel like we’re alive.

Yeah. That.

But, as Creators, we also hate living or producing on anyone else’s timetable.

Plus, when urgency is coming from any outside force, it can often mean that something has gone wrong {ie: a disaster or concern with family} or is about to go wrong {ie: we’re about to lose out on an opportunity because we haven’t finished a proposal/talk/draft/etc}.

So then, how do we embrace the heightened sensations of urgency, without needing it to come from anyone or anything outside of ourselves?

We call on the Force.

The Life Force, that is.

AKA: The Breath.

We can use the breath to increase the sensation of urgency within our body, in a way that actually stimulates our nervous system... while also keeping us completely focused and clear on the task at hand.

We can move the breath throughout our body, working with deeply encoded emotions and consciousness patterns to allow us to drop in even further with the Genius that is trying to pour through us.

And we can do it every single day, putting our creative output into hyperdrive while keeping our body, relationships, and business fully grounded and expansive.

I just helped a client do this today, so that she could knock out a ridiculous amount of creative work without stressing her body or letting her art suffer a single iota.

This is also what we’ll be doing every week within Body of Work.

And you can join us for The July Sessions, but only if you subscribe before June 30th, which is when access goes buh-bye.

So to create some seriously epic shit with ease, simplicity, and a whole lot of Orgasmic Waking Bliss, go here now:


And I’ll see you on the other side.


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