I’m burning this down to the ground

 The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feels its warmth.
— African Proverb

There’s something that happens inside our bodies when we feel disconnected from our “tribe”, the people we want to matter to the most.

…This might be the people we are here to serve.

…This might be our family.

…This might be others in our subculture.

Regardless of what this collective is, the pain that comes from feeling like we do not belong to that group can be so distracting that it keeps us from doing the work we are here to do…

And also from the intimacy and love we desire most.

What happens next is something that has stopped many a high-achieving Creator from producing their greatest work:


There is a standard group of survival reactions that happen when our body is exposed to a supposed threat or unwanted emotional experience.





But I learned of another one that is under study right now and it is annihilation.

Annihilation means that the lizard brain senses a threat {whether accurately or inaccurately}, and determines it to be of extreme and imminent danger to the body. The response is one of absolute destruction, a last ditch effort to survive.

When this command is issued, we tend to burn down everything around us.






God connection.

Nothing is safe from our primal rage. Everything {and everyone} is fair game.

All we want at that point is to hurt before we can be hurt.

Now, while this energy is NOT generally productive, in some instances it can be very productive.

{I am obviously speaking figuratively here, regarding the daily artistic battle with Resistance for the freedom of our soul, not about going out and "destroying" anyone or anything in your life.}

One of these such instances happens to be what we talked about yesterday.

Because when Resistance {aka Villanelle} is on the hunt, she’s coming for us with everything she’s got.

And if we want to survive, we can do no less.

So we go on the offensive and thwart her Sneak Attack before it can begin.

We do this by staying vigilant in our own practices {mind, body, soul} and by creating from a place of connection and calm...

Which can only happen when our nervous system is supported and we have full sovereignty within our own skin.

The annihilation energy is helpful initially because it helps us be on the attack first.

But after that, we’ve got to learn to discharge it at will.

Otherwise, we can’t produce.

And by produce I mean create with 100% freedom.

Freedom in our body and voice.

Freedom to work on the projects/causes that turn on our soul.

Freedom to show up, day and day out, and create our greatest work.

So like I said, the annihilation energy can help us in the beginning, to stay aware and focused on the task at hand… To not let Resistance have its way with us.

But after that, we need to have fully agency and support within our body so that we can create with wild abandon and freedom.

Oh, and this is also how we become a sex goddess in the bedroom {or any other room we choose}.

But that’s for later this week.

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Loving you,


Nikka Karli