If you aren't where you want to be yet... read this


There's a reason why you haven't achieved the success, impact, pleasure, and freedom you desire and it's this...

You've been holding yourself back for fear of what others might think.

Stay with me here because I know you're a badass goddess who owns her shit and bows down for no man {or woman}.

And, as such, the idea of limiting your growth because of fear is kind of anathema to your soul.

But we do it anyways.

It sneaks up on us.

...It looks like right.

...And it is destroying our capacity to hold what we desire in and through our bodies.

I was talking to my cousin last week about how our powerful Crones {older wise women} say that their forties was the decade when they stopped giving a shit about what others thought.

I agree... and I disagree {veritable paradox, I am}.

There's an epidemic of Creators who spend their entire lives WAITING to birth their masterpiece because they are trying to get it "right".

And what that boils down to is the fear of it not landing with people, them not getting you or your message/art, or maybe even ruining the relationships or trust you've built up with your tribe along the way.

It's all just fear cloaked in sheep's clothing.

So today I want you to suspend the notion that your ideas need more time... that you need more credentials... that you have to get more experience BEFORE you can bring forth your legacy.

And instead, go for it.

Take ONE massive action in the direction of your deepest desire right now.

Without worrying about how it will look or sound or how anyone else might react.

And then once you've taken the action, contact me here and just say "done". 

Do it for your soul.

Loving you,




My action was sending this email.

I had so much fucking resistance to it.

Because I want to only send you Musings that serve you in the highest.

And I spent months {years, maybe} going back and forth about how often to email you, whether I was going to bug you, how many people would unsubscribe, blah blah blah {time I could've been actually, you know, SERVING you even more}.

In part, it's because I'm an introvert, empath, Indigo Child and I have a lot of old stories about connecting with people and what it means about the value of my art.

Look... at the end of the day, we all have our things to work through.

But if you are never willing to WORK THROUGH them, you will live a life of regrets and half-executed dreams.

And, really tho'? Creators got no time for that.

Nikka Karli