I don’t know why (I keep coming back to you)

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You know just how to hurt me
And how to take all the pain away
Girl, you must be the devil in disguise
— Richard Marx, “Keep Coming Back”

How many more times are you going to say enough is enough…

Only to go right back to that same person, situation, or habit all over again?

And here’s the rub:

There is no amount of “mindset hacks” or self talk that will get you over these patterns.

But there is something else that will.

Discover it for yourself in this week’s episode of The {Re}Wilding Experience™.

I invite you to share it with at least one other person who would resonate with this message.



Here’s the program discount I mentioned in the episode:

I’ll write more about it tomorrow, but if you want that spot at 50% off, apply now.

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