How To Tell If It’s Ego Or Intuition

Nikka Karli

I’ve been playing with a question around ego...

Dropping into an even more embodied knowing of how we can discern the intention and consciousness behind the things we do as Creators.

And one piece that keeps popping up is this:

How do we take consistent + focused + ovaries-to-the wall action, while still staying humble and grateful through it all?

It can be really hard to know when ego is in charge vs when we’re following the intuitive calling of our soul.

Because ego is a sneaky little shit that likes to whisper sweet nothings in our ear.

But there is one key tell-tale sign I’ve found to be helpful in discerning the difference:

When ego is at the wheel, we generally begin taking action and having conversations from fear-based aversion.


We think, speak, and behave in order to avoid or demolish some atavistic fear that has been lingering under the surface of our awareness, eroding our peace and the connection with our own innate identity and Truth.

Conversely, when we are living from a place of intuitive knowing, we begin taking action and engaging with others {and ourselves} from a place of sovereign trust and safety.


We think, speak, and behave from a deeply grounded and energetically-attuned ocean of consciousness and we begin to attract people, ideas, and experiences that reflect that calm knowing and security.

I’ve been honing in on my life’s Body of Work {through my methodology of Primal Self Re-Integration™} and one of the most integral pieces is the embodied application and integration of this discernment.

To get a taste of it, and how you can begin applying this into your own relationships and life’s work…

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Let’s get it, Wild One.


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