How To Succeed (& Fail) Faster


It’s been said by many an artist that in order to succeed, we must first be willing to fail.

And therefore, in order for us to see success arrive at a quicker pace or, at least, a more frequent one… that we must also learn to fail faster and more often.

This is where most of us get caught up.

Because who wants to consciously try to fail?

We are taught that failure is death, that our entire identity will be at risk if we should attempt something and, heaven forbid, not have it come to fruition.

But what we are not taught is that failure is inevitable and, once we can accept it, can be as pleasurable as success.

I know, I know. What the…?

But bear with me a moment.

If we were able to shift our perception of failure, to re-encode what the idea of failure meant to us on a body-mind level, we would be able to also choose the experience of pleasure… at the same time.

Imagine being able to interweave desire and orgasm with each opportunity that didn’t immediately work out.

And, from there, to be even more willing to attempt your next feat of greatness because you already know how much pleasure and erotic reclamation you’re about to experience, whether you succeed or “fail”.

I mean, whaaaaa?! I’ll definitely take more of that kind of failure.

How about you?

BTDubs… this is sooooo not what I was supposed to write about today.

I meant to write about the new podcast episode that just dropped. Whoops!

So in order to satiate my Primal Goddess who is demanding that I bring you into the spaces between…

Here’s the link to listen to the latest ep:

And, after you listen, I invite you to drop into inquiry around how an outmoded idea of failure and belonging are pre-determining the spaces in which you’ll allow yourself to show up and engage with life.

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We’re going waaaaay deep into the between spaces and orgasmic reclamation in The September Sessions in Body of Work.

You can check it out here.

Ok. The Real End.