How to finally have your breakthrough


You know that one area in your life, relationships, or business that you just can’t seem to shift… no matter what?

Well, keep reading. Because I’m about to show you how we can do it. Together…

But it won’t be “easy”.

Now, I’m NOT saying that in order for you to achieve your desires you have to live on the #strugglebus.

But I am saying you have to be willing to put in the work.

Because it’s going to stretch you into the deepest recesses of your soul.

The places that you have, up until now, been unable {or unwilling} to touch.

Because... it’s scary.

Because… who will you have to become?

Because… what if it “takes away” your freedom?

But when we finally have that breakthrough we’ve been longing for... working our asses off for... the past year, five years, ten years.

It’s all worth it.

And I know, I know... But how do you fit that in with your already ridiculous schedule and #allthethings?

And what makes this different than all the other times you’ve tried to break through this issue and all the tens {hundreds?} of thousands of dollars you’ve spent working on it?

Well, I’ll be honest.

Unless you fully embody this work that I’m about to share with you, it will be just like all the other times.

Yikes. Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

Now, let’s just pause for a moment.

I want you to imagine a hamster on a wheel.

She’s working and running and thinking she’s going to get to the food that’s just a couple feet out in front of the wheel.

But she’s going nowhere.

So she starts running faster and faster.

She thinks she’s building “momentum” to get to her desire {the food}, when all she’s doing is spinning the wheel at a different speed.

This is what you’ve been doing with your mindset work, your yoga practices {I’m a yoga teacher, so I get this, Trust!}, your journaling, and your “manifesting”.

Thinking you’re creating momentum, but what you’re really doing is spinning your wheel.

The food {your desire} isn’t getting any closer, you’re just burning through your energy resources and reinforcing the belief that you will never get where you want to be.

Oh, I know it doesn’t feel that way.

You don’t feel like you’re afraid of anything.

...Or that you have an aversion to success.

...Or that all your actions are just begetting more of the same actions {and lack of real results}.

Besides, what the fuck else are you going to do, right?

You’ve been on the damn wheel so long that it’s all you know.

You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be free...

And so you tell yourself that the wheel IS freedom.

That you’ve chosen this wheel because it makes you feel {insert desired emotion here}.

But, it’s all just more lies.

So… why do we do this?

And what’s the alternative, the thing that will get us off the hamster wheel {for good} and into the full embodiment of our desire?

It’s your body.

Well, to be clear, it’s your pain-body.

You have cultivated an active pain-body response to your current hamster wheel situation.

One that reinforces your behaviors, your fear of intimacy, your inability to focus or to finish what you start, or however else the “stuck point” is showing up for you.

And so to shift this Reality Loop in your mind, you have to first shift your consciousness from a BODY level.

I’m going to help you do this.

In a 1:1, bespoke container where we get together for one full moon cycle to dismantle all the bullshit, stories, and inhibitions that are holding you back in sex, intimacy, creativity, and impact.

If you desire more meaning and pleasure without sacrificing any more of your time or energy, and instead you’re able to EXPAND them both…

This is for you.

You have until Sunday to co-create your breakthrough with me at this introductory investment.

After that the price goes up by at least $500 {I haven’t decided how much yet}.

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Loving you,



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Nikka Karli