How to be a Prolific Creator... Without Losing Your Soul


I've been faking it the past month.

Kind of dialing it in, really.

Not my writing, not that. But the way I show up in my brand and mission.

Because I've been super focused on a couple projects that you'll see next year {they're going to blow your soul wide open}.

But, with that dialed-in focus, I've kind of checked out of running thangs.

Which is the eternal dance of the Creator, right?

At least, the Creator who knows she is here to affect massive socioeconomic change on a global scale, anyways.

Because in addition to turning pro as artists, we also have to show up {and KEEP showing up} for our tribes.

The world is noisy but we are, as Creators, this weird amalgam of sensitive soul and chaos-courting hurricane...

Which means that we have trouble sharing our gifts fully but also have trouble when we're not making waves with those gifts.

Confused? Yeah, we all are.

Because it's a tightrope act, staying dropped in with the Muse and also doing the Work that's needed in the world.

And this past month, I've swung to the Muse and kind of neglected the world.

My bad.

But here's the thing:

This shit happens and will KEEP happening as long as you remain committed to your art and your soul.

It's not easy to walk the line of Creator and Human.

Things {and people} are going to, at some point, fall through the cracks.

But the key is to remain aware and attuned through it all.

Notice when you've shifted to one side and then ask your body if staying in that shift is what is True for you in the moment.

If it is, then stay there. But if it's not, then swing your gorgeous ass back towards the spot that feels like a fuck yes in your soul.

Be careful, though, not to overcorrect and shift too far.

Because this leads to an addictive pattern and loss of momentum that will have you lifting your head from the sand three months from now, wondering WTF just happened.

{Been there, threw up that. No thanks.}

Let's go deeper here, shall we?

First, watch this.


And then head over and sign up for my free {Re}Wilding Project for Creators right here.

It will completely transform your capacity for holding pleasure, creativity, impact, and freedom THROUGH your body and into the world.

Into the Wilds we go.

Loving you,


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