How the hell did this even happen?


This week was kind of a shit show… but in a very powerful way.

I used to try and make every week feel… “good”.

I don’t mean pretty or perfect or like I had a unicorn shooting sparkles out of its ass.

But “good” in the sense that I made progress, felt “successful”, and had done everything I thought I should be doing at the time.

I tried to keep my head out of the weeds and above the waves and all the other nice colloquialisms.

And when that inevitably failed, as such cute little notions always do, I would sit there blinking like a myopic fish…

Wondering where I’d gone wrong.

But when I reclaimed my body and committed to this whole humaning thing in a completely different way than what everyone else is teaching…

I was able to become fully present with what IS on any given day.

Through my body, I was able to stop trying to make my days and weeks “good” and instead, I opened into a full sensory experience of life.

To be more precise, I opened to what life COULD be if we allowed ourselves to play in the sensual aliveness that happens when we learn to harness our energy.

To be even MORE precise…

What happens when we learn to harness our sexual energy.

{Rather than letting our sexual energy control us or for it be controlled by anyone else.}

This juicy, wet, erotic aliveness is what it takes to be present in #allthethings {not just the “good” things that look the way we expected them to look and don’t cause too much of a disturbance in the Force}.

This is the #1 thing that can transform your relationship with your soul, your creative expression, your sex life, and your relationships with the people who matter most.

I’d love to help you harness your sexual energy in a sacred container where you feel safe and witnessed… but also have a fire under your gorgeous ass to get epic shit done on your big ticket items.

AKA: The Needle Movers.

And we’ll do it in 30 days, over one moon cycle.

Goddesses and Kings are both welcome.

BTDubs… The investment goes up by $500 tomorrow.

Just a heads up. No pressure.

But if you’ve been sitting on the fence about working with me in this capacity, this is your nudge to hop off and join me on this Pleasure Train.

I’m taking 3 Creators each moon.

The first round begins in two weeks.

And yes, this is all 1:1, completely bespoke to where you are in life right now.


Will you be one of my founding Sexual Energy Initiates?

Loving you,

Nikka “Sex, Camera, Action” Karli

Nikka Karli