How Do You Choose to Show Up as a Woman?


Often times, we find ourselves behaving and creating in a very masculine way.  We get into the push, push, push and forget about the flow. There must be harmony within your creativity.

To be utterly open to your gifts, you need to go drink some tea, travel, read (yes, business and personal growth books count!), go to yoga,  journal (YES, writing might be your relaxation!), surf some rad waves, have mind-blowing sex with your partner, sit down and shut the F up for 5 minutes... whatever it is that turns on your soul.

And then you go right back to the all-in, balls-to-the-wall pursuit of your vision and mission.


So, for the love of God, YES, you need to create.

YES you need to hold yourself accountable.

YES you need to follow your purpose with the focus of the creatively obsessive mind (AKA you look obsessed to anyone on the outside of your mission but you know you're just reallllllly driven!).

But it's a dance.

You flow, you create.  You create, you flow.

And my dance is different than yours or hers or theirs.  One woman might need 30 minutes a day of rest while another might need 2 hours.

Stop judging other people because their needs are different than yours.  They work more because it's what turns on their soul.  Or maybe they work less and it's because they lose their creativity if they do too much in a day.

Who freakin cares???

It's not about them.  It's about you.

Let me repeat that, just in case you missed it.

It's not about them.  It's about you.

What do YOU need to show up fully and create like there's no tomorrow?

What do YOUR daily rituals need to be to allow your awesomeness to flourish?

Because it's flourish or die.

Creativity waits for no woman.

Not even you, Beautiful.

So you must be RELENTLESS.  Not only in your work but also in nourishing your soul.

It is not an option.

Who will you be able to truly serve if you forget to serve yourself?

It's not one or the other.  Create or nourish.  Hustle or flow.

That's that old vibration way of thinking and EXISTING.  It's not living. It's not the way you are able to show up as a Turned On woman.

It's the road to burnout and staying stifled in your body and your business.

No thank you!

And why do we think we need to do one or the other?  Because we see other guru celebrity coaches/consultants/healers doing it.  They either do all push or all rest.  Yeah.  Uh.  Ok.

We spend our time living in comparison mode, rather than connection.

There is no need to compete with anyone else.

There is no need to try to duplicate anyone's successes or passions.

There is no need to put anyone else down in order to lift yourself up.

Connection is what fully-embodied, confident women do.

It's how we roll.

So again, I ask you...

How do you choose to show up as a woman?


I'd love to hear about what turns on YOUR soul.  Let me know!


Here's to your Untaming,

Nikka Karli

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