How ballerinas and roller coasters can transform your sex life & your art


I just got back from taking ballet from my friend/teacher Paula {you can see me in a torture device here}.

After class, we were talking about how free and uninhibited we used to be as kids.

...And how we’d give anything to have that full, unapologetic freedom again when we perform {or do anything, really}.

But then the idea of dropping inhibitions made me think about sex and art {as does pretty much everything, not gonna lie}.

And I got super curious about how we can stay in the space of wild abandon on a daily basis with the way we show up for our art… and the way we show up in our sex lives.

So I’ve decided to get super raw and open and drop a vlog about it on Sunday.

I just wanted to give you a heads up, in case this is something you’re interested in embodying and unleashing in your own life too.

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Can’t wait to share this one.

Loving you,



I’m almost ready to start talking about my new course that I’ll be pre-launching soon. It’s gonna be straight fiyahhhhhh. Stay tuned...

Nikka Karli