Hard Work, Talent, And Being Held Responsible For Your Greatness


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
— Tim Notke

We often avoid the idea of hard work, because we are afraid that once we begin… we won’t be able to stop.

We’ll be “on the hook”.

To those we seek to serve… and to our own soul.

And so we pretend that there is a shit ton of oh-so-important things that simply must happen before we can get down to work.

We distract ourselves with a million things that look and smell and taste aalllllmmmoooost like “right”.

Except, when it comes down to it… in the dark of night when we have nowhere left to hide… and we get really real with ourselves…

We come to know one thing:

We have the talent, but we’re not putting in the work.

Read that again.

Now, this isn’t the idea of meaningless hustle that makes us look good to the masses and gains us 10k followers overnight because we do something “viral-worthy”.

No. What I’m talking about this:

The type of work that, when we sit down and actually commit, exposes us for who we truly are.

But we fear that, you know?

That level of raw, messy Wilderness running through our blood and carving its way into our bones.

We fear it but, also, we hunger for it.

Because we know it is the only type of truth that ever sets us free.

So. Some inquiries:

  1. What work are you avoiding by skating by on a comfortable level of innate talent that lets you hide in plain sight?

  2. What work is howling your name in the hollow hours of the morning?

  3. And, what work is going to carve a path of liberation and sovereignty through your body, the likes of which you’ve never known {or, more aptly, allowed yourself to know}?

Now, once you figure this out, you have but one choice:

To go all in or go back.

…Back to the level of avoidance and disconnection that has been your way of life for who knows how long.

…Back to the safe amount of visibility and wealth and love and pleasure and success.

…Back to the Shadow Path that lets your talent keep you at the bare minimum of what it means to feel alive.

Which, of ourselves, is why you haven’t allowed yourself to make the decision until now.

Choices, choices.

So… What will yours be?

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As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,



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