Are You Really as Free as You Think You Are?

Have you ever wondered if you were really free or if you were somehow living a repeated Groundhog Day or variation of The Matrix?
When I was a kid, I often wondered if I was living in some weird alternate universe.
I would feel like I was having out of body experiences just walking around, sitting quietly, having conversations with other people.... all of it.
Sometimes I still do.
As if, this was all just a mask or façade for what life truly is and for what we are truly capable of...
What if it is?
What if it's not?
Does it matter?
I don't know...
What I care about is who I am BEING while I'm here.
Am I being who I came here to be.
Am I trusting.
Am I serving.
Am I loving.
Am I opening to it all.
If we are living in a Matrix, it is of our own making....
So let's uncover the Truth of our Essence and our Souls together, shall we?
Loving you.
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