First Of All… I’ma Do Both.


Radio silence:

I stopped emailing and I stopped engaging.

And then I went into the depths of a major uplevel of Pussy, mind, and soul.

With how I show up.





So, here’s my reemergence into the world of “shipping” my creative expression.

And also, I’m still in an epic unraveling and dismantling of my last stage of identity and artistry.

I had a slight {ok, pretty big} swing into the realm of introverted, Indigo Child, Scorpio, Wild Woman-ing.

But I’m crawling and stalking my way back into deep conversation, with you and with myself… led by the energy and power of Grandmother Moon.

So, I’m saying yes to the Underworld and excavation of Self.

And I’m also saying yes to deepening our connection and my own commitment to the mission at hand.

Because we can do both.

When we swing into one or the other, we will recalibrate.


By using the tools and practices we have at the ready.

And if they’re not at the ready, it might be time to level that up in your own life and work.

Because how will you access them when you’re in the depths of Untaming and Becoming, if you don’t have an ongoing practice and communion with them on the daily?

All this to say:

You can go into the Wilds and you can also take a stand for what you believe in.

At the same time.

It’s the “Yes-And”.

It’s the spaces between.

It’s the integration of who we were and who we are being asked to become.

Use your tools.

Do your practices.

Then let yourself fully emerge {and reemerge} through it all.

Along that vein, I just dropped this week’s episode of The {Re}Wilding Experience, “F That Noise”.

It is as it sounds.


You can listen here:

Q: Where are you along your own excavation path? Let me know. I’d love to witness you.


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