Fear of the Unknown


Hi Gorgeous!

Fear of the unknown...

Wow, it even looks scary just sitting there on the page, doesn't it?

This fear is something that has held many of us back in our relationships, our careers, and even our health.  It can be scary to step into a place we have never before been, releasing our hold on the things and people that have become our constant reality.  Even when we know that we are holding on to something that no longer serves us, it can be difficult -sometimes near impossible- to let it (or them) go.

To shed the past and step into the unknown future.

But then, we have to ask ourselves...

"Is it scarier to try something new OR to remain stuck in a body/job/life that doesn't bring me fulfillment and bliss?"

I have been stepping into this bigger, bolder version of myself over the past few months.  And, boy...  has it been scary!  A full-on exhilarating, heart-pounding, fear-inducing ride of a lifetime!

It's also been Oh. So. Worth. It.

Only when we begin shedding our protective layer do we open ourselves up to the amazing & divine future that lies before us. (Tweet me!)

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