Fear Does Not Disappear Just Because You Decide to Face it Once


Fear is something that you will fight throughout your life.

Cataclysmic moments in time when ego and spirit go into battle.

This is the path of the warrior, the artist, the creative, the visionary, the paradigm shifter.

It is the path of anyone who is called to something higher than themselves.

Will you answer your calling and step foot onto the battlefield once more?

Will you decide to face your fears this time?  And then do it over and over and over again?

Success comes to those who carry on.

Those who refuse to succumb.

Those who- in spite of their fears- commit to their brilliance.

Be the warrior.

Face your fears.

And then face them again. And again.

Until your last worldly breath.

Until the beautiful day you are called forth from this Earth Walk.



Here's to your Untaming,

Nikka Karli

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