Exploring the Depths


What do you want to explore? I am asking myself this question today.

...Where do I desire to deepen, to expand? ...Where do I need rest and surrender? ...Where am I allowing myself to stay in constriction and why?

There is always a war raging, as a Creative.

Always another battle to win or lose.

Always another face of Resistance to conquer.

Always another layer of Taming to unravel.

I look inside.

I go into the place of eternal stillness that always holds all the answers {even when we forget that its there}.

I allow myself to excavate all the feels around how I am slapping on my own shackles and forcing my own voice into submission.

Every day I must show up anew, to fight a new battle.

To choose: Tamed or Untamed ...Slave or Free ...Muted or Wild ...Doubtful or Knowing ...Distracted or Distilled

And today, I chose to move forward.

I had a moment to choose to feel stuck. ...To say "I don't know". ...To "guess" about how I felt in response to a question posed by one of my mentors.

But I moved through it.

I chose to Remember who I am... and who I'm Becoming.

Each moment of each day we come face to face with the Monster.

Not the Monster born of others' opinions and ideals, but the Monster born of our own mind.

And we must decide, over and over again, who we are.

We must REMEMBER who we are.

Some days Resistance has its way with us.

Other days, Art and Soul will out.

Today, for me, was the latter.

Because I chose.

What are you choosing today?

Loving you, N

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