Everybody's Got a Dream... Not Everyone Achieves Them


Remember that scene in Pretty Woman, where the guy is walking down the street saying: "Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin'- this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'."

Everybody's got a dream.

And yes, there's always time to dream.

But there is also the time to act upon your dreams.

The time to turn your DREAMS into your LIFE.

Well, what's YOURS?

Do you know?

Have you even fully ADMITTED it to yourself yet?

Not the kind of "oh I guess I'd like to do xyz" mumbo jumbo we feed ourselves when we're still pulling the covers over our heads and pretending the monster under the bed isn't real.

{SPOILER ALERT: That bad boy IS real and his name is Resistance and he's coming for you. To derail you from EVER following your dreams, make you doubt your own name, and have you crying for your mommy.}

No. I'm talking about THE DREAM.

The one you only admit to yourself in the blanket camouflage of night.

The one you talk about but then deny. You know. The old "Oh but I know that's so far-fetched and so hard and how could I ever make that work and that's the day dream but what I'm going to do instead is"... Blah. Blah. Blah.

This is the dream that scares you shitless and has you waking up with your heart trying to jump out of your chest at 3am.

This dream is also your biggest fear.

Because your biggest fear- when you really let yourself own it- is that you will die just as so many other Dreamers before you have died:


A death of regret.

A death of coulda-shoulda-woulda.

A death of knowing you did NOT in fact do everything in your power to bring your dreams to life, make the IMPACT you are here to make, or LOVE the way you are here to love and BE loved.

Yeah. That kind of death.

That kind of dream.

We are afraid of this dream and it is this fear that overshadows our desires.

The fear that we cannot.

Or that we should not.

Or that we're not ready or aren't good enough or don't know enough or who-am-I-to-do-this-and-be-this-great.

{The biggest successes in history were made by individuals who also thought the same things... They simply did it anyways.}

We are so afraid of what our HAVING our dreams would mean.

That we'll have to succumb to the darkness.

That we'll have to live through countless perils, fights with loved ones, and sacrifice all that we hold dear.

We don't move forward because we are afraid of what it will mean.

Of who we might BECOME.

Of what {and WHO} we might LOSE.

But what if what you will GAIN from surrendering your life to God and His purpose for you and your own soul's desires {which are DIVINELY MADE because you yourself are DIVINELY MADE} is so much greater and powerful and beautiful than what you fear you might have to give up?

What if what you "have to" {CHOOSE TO} give up is actually the barrier standing between you and your dreams?

The last vestiges of a life half-lived and a soul denied?

What then?

In my meditations today, I continuously received the message {the ANSWER} that what I must DO is BE.

"Be yourself" is what I received time and time again.

In different forms.

From different Messengers.

But always the same thing: BE YOURSELF.

I just finished my yoga practice and in my final poses as well as final savasana I was able to BE.

Be in the stillness.

And I realized {or came to the awareness} that we are able to MOVE in stillness...

And that we are able to be STILL in the movement.

That's the key.

Or, rather, A key.

If you can BE still- if you can shut the fuck UP and just FEEL what you are feeling and be WITH yourself for a moment- that is when you are able to experience true shifts in your vibration and in your life.

And when you are able to find stillness in your movement- to DROP from your mind space into your heart space- then that is when you come home to the truth and beauty and LIGHT of your soul.

We so often think that our dreams must come from outside of ourselves.

But what if they are here, inside, ready and POTENT, just waiting for you to remember WHO YOU ARE?

What if- WHAT IF- the only thing in the way of you having everything you desire is you?

We know this.

On a soul level, we KNOW this.

But our minds take over and we fall from our inner wisdom to outer SEEKING... And we lose our way.

But the way is here.

It is always here.

You must simply give yourself permission to FEEL into it.

To revel in its wonder.

To surrender who you thought you HAD to be and allow yourself to simply BE.

To gather around you the support, guidance, and mirroring that all true dreams require.

Will you?

Will you finally become who you have always been?

{Hint: It's YOURSELF.}

What's your dream?

Everybody's got a dream.

And if you're a powerhouse, soul-fueled Light Worker, Indigo, Healer, Artist, Creative, and/or Visionary who KNOWS that you are ready to step into the flames and burn baby burn...

Burn away all the layers and enmeshments that have held you muted and diminished your light...

Surrender the fears, blame, guilt, uncertainty, and doubt that have shackled your dreams...

And heal through the darkness, heal through the tenderness, heal through the vulnerability so that you may truly actualize your vision and manifest your deepest desires...

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Because us Creatives simply MUST roll like that, right?

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As always...

Here's to your Untaming™, Nikka Karli #lovewarrior