Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth


Mike Tyson says “Everybody's got a plan until they get hit in the mouth”.

...And as a Creative, this is pretty much GOSPEL.

Look, you can create and create and create.

And you can have the best plan of attack on your latest project.

And you can “know” EXACTLY how you want things to go down.

It’s all well and good... UNTIL this one little thing creeps in and bitch slaps the plan right out of you.

That thing?

Steven Pressfield calls it Resistance... and holy hell, Batman, is he right.

The word Resistance has many definitions, but the one I like the most is “armed or violent opposition”...

Because that’s pretty much what CREATIVE Resistance feels like, doesn’t it?

It’s as if your mind... your body... everyone you know... and the entire Universe are all suited up in battle rattle and have joined forces against you.

As if the very AIR has been laced with hallucinogens to give you shitty ideas and shitty execution and shitty impediments every time you sit your gorgeous ass “in the chair” to create.

And most times? We let Resistance have its way with us.

Until one day... there is a MOMENT.

A moment unlike any other before it.

A moment that, like Resistance, is armed and violent in its opposition.

Except that THIS time, it’s us who are suiting up.

It’s us who have donned the armor and strode onto the battlefield and planted our feet firmly in the dirt.

We have drawn the line and we know that there’s no more backing down.

There’s no more tucking tail and hiding under the covers, sucking our thumbs and waiting for someone to come battle the Resistance FOR us.

Because in this moment, we have chosen to transform.

To move from one state of being to another.

We have chosen to take radical responsibility for our art and our freedom.

And we have chosen to bare our everything.

Is this that moment for you?

The moment where you drop so deeply into your pleasure and Truth that Resistance is the one who tucks tail and runs.

The moment when, despite everything going around AROUND you, you have chosen a new way to integrate what’s going on WITHIN you.

Is this the moment when you get down to business and become a Primal Provocateur?


And let’s see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli