Embodying Our Yes's {and No's}


Hello Wild One,

When was the last time you actually took a stand for your Yes?
How about when your no actually meant NO {and you stood behind it without wavering}?
Or are you SOMETIMES apologetic with your answers, waiting for someone or something to tell you that it's OK for you to feel the way you feel?
I am usually pretty firm with my yes and no. I usually rock at embodying my desires and showing people how to treat me with the way I treat myself.
But sometimes I also fall into doubt, thinking I need someone else to grant me permission to stand behind my beliefs.
This happens when we are out of integrity with our soul and our Truth, when we are living out of alignment with who we say that we are.
When our ACTIONS show a different truth than the one we say we stand behind.
Gratefully, I've been doing this soul work a long time. And I can {usually} catch myself when I'm smokin' my own shit and shift into a more embodied and aligned state of Being and Doing.
But how do we get there "on command" {if you will}? To this shift? To being able to more quickly recognize when we've fallen off the Embodiment Wagon, without needing a big sledge hammer from the Universe to knock us upside the head and say "heyyyyyyy girl heyyyyyyyy.... wake up!!! No? OK, here's a big ole storm of crazy to help you get back on track! Still no? Really??? OKKKKKK, here's another..."?
Well, we stop, drop, and listen.
We tune IN and turn ON... All while shutting out the external noises and opinions of who we "should" be.
I'm excavating all the feels around Embodying Our Yes's {and No's} today at noon PT/3pm ET on this week's episode of Fierce, Wild, & Free Radio.
Loving you madly and deeply,
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