The ecstasy beyond average sex


"Drop this antagonism toward sex. If you ever want love to shower in your life, renounce this conflict with sex. Accept sex blissfully. Acknowledge its sacredness. Acknowledge its benediction. Go on searching deeper and deeper into it, and you will be amazed that the more you accept sex with a quality of sacredness, the more sacred it will become. And the more you are in conflict with it, as if it were something sinful and dirty, the more sinful and ugly it will become. " ~Osho

We all grew up with some heavy beliefs around sex.

Some great {maybe}, most probably not.

Even those in our tribe with the most sexually liberated parents came away with… something.

It’s not to say it’s so and so’s fault or that it’s this religion or that religion’s fault.

It’s not even to say it’s the media’s doing.

Rather, the way we view sex as adults is an accumulation of all of this and more.

Then you add any trauma, injustice, or witnessed atrocity on top of that and we are left with a pretty messed up relationship with not only sex, but our ROLE in sex.

At the base of us, we are wild.

We are creatures of the elements and God and Universe and love and soul and #allthethings.

But we are taught {by watching and experiencing} that if we want to be safe, successful, and accepted, we must learn to live without the full experience of sex.

Sure, we can have mind-blowing, passionate orgasms.

…But not if we also want legendary, lifelong love and partnership.

Yes, we can have all the kink, excitement, and “newness” we crave.

…But not if we also want commitment.

Yup, we can have a kickass business and creative vision.

…But not if we also want to have an abundance of energy left over for the people who matter most.

And most definitely, we can have an intimate love relationship with God/Universe/Soul.

…But not if we also want an intimate relationship with our pussy and lover{s}.

There is a raging disconnect here, between who we are told we must be and who our bodies are commanding we become.

But it is through this disconnect that we can find our way home.

It is in this chasm that we can touch the bones, the sacred and primordial nature of ourselves, and through this, open ourselves to the ecstasy of transcending the mundane by first fully BEING with the mundane.

And then everyday acts of love and sex and passion become sacred portals with the Divine.

We begin to experience the soul of the Universe moving in and through our bodies… and our lives.

And… we’re able to turn sex into an act of reverence and Orgasmic Waking Bliss.

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Loving you,


Nikka Karli