Dreaming Of A Masterplan


There’s a difference between dreaming and implementing.


We can dream about something all day, but until we implement, our dreams have no foundation to support their actualization.

This shaky ground and lack of execution then leads to an endless cycle of self-doubt, which, as you well know, is the equivalent of a “living” death for any Creator.

Now, if you are someone who simply wants to dream and not bring your ideas to fruition, then this obviously will not apply to you.

But if you are the type of Creator who can’t sleep for the thrumming in your bones, demanding you to continuously level up in your mission, art, and freedom… then take heed.

Because I’m curating something just for you.

It’s an audio “excavation” of God, art, and soul...

And it’s dropping next week.

My body has been begging me to birth this medicine into the world, and I’m finally saying yes.

And I want to give you a taste, to whet your appetite:


These are going to be raw, primal musings from my wild heart to yours.

And I’d be so grateful if you could do me a solid and share the link with any other legendary Creators and Change Agents with whom you feel this might resonate.

If you share on social, be sure to tag me @nikkakarli with #therewildingexperience so I can thank you!

More to come on the new podcast soon.

I can’t wait to be in all kinds of feels with you.



I just submitted my show to the main podcasting platforms, so hopefully it will be approved and available on the apps by next week.