Don’t Call it a Comeback


I didn’t feel like writing today. Still don’t.

And I’ll tell you why.

It’s something you already know, but I can almost guarantee, you’re wasting time and energy trying to unknow it.

Because this little something that I’m about to share is the difference between seeing lasting shifts in your emotional and energetic body… and repeating the same wounding and low-grade consciousness choices over and over {and over} again.

Before I “reveal” this thing you already know but don’t want to know…

Let me tell you where I’ve been the last week.

I’ve been deep in the Medicine. Blood Medicine to be exact.

I might go more into this another day, but for now I’ll just say I’ve been moving through a ridiculous energetic expansion.

One that meant I was not creating or doing much of anything online {or IRL}, aside from receiving and integrating the Medicine.

Sometimes, I am creating a ton of stuff while I’m in the Wilds… Other times, like the past week {ok, two weeks, really}...

The creative output has to go on the back burner for the creative input to fully come through.

And let me tell you, it came through.

So, that thing you know but really don’t wanna? It’s this:

The reason it was so crunchy and chock-full-o Resistance for me to sit down and write today is that I haven’t written in a week.

Read that again.

I know, I know… that’s just so… basic, right?

Something you knooooowwww already, right?

And yet, how many programs, mentors, and retreats have you chased down to make them tell you there’s some other magical pathway or tactic that will allow you to make the deep consciousness shift you’ve been after your whole life?

How many times have you invested in said amazing whizz bang wonder “I’m-So-Woke” frequency + abundance + creativity + love life + sexual awakening + soul path bag of tricks…

Only to not implement, not follow through, and not see the results you say that you wanted?

And honestly, if you got real with yourself, there was most likely one underlying theme that ran throughout everything that you invested in {at least the ones that were actually great to begin with}...

Which is this:

Get in alignment and then take consistent, embodied action on what you say that you want.

Period. The end.

Everything else is just whistling dixie.

{Yes, I know I’m using a shit ton of old ass colloquialisms today. No, I have no idea why. Just roll with it. ;) }

So, to recap:

The reason I didn’t “feel” like writing today is that I haven’t been in consistent, embodied action with writing for at least a week.

And what that might look like for you?


☞ You say you want to choose higher consciousness partners, but you’re still calling in the same partner, over and over again... and yet you keep wondering why and how and what to doooooo.

☞ You say you want to take your impact to the next level, but you stay not taking action around all the strategies you’ve invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in... and yet you keep wondering why and how and what to doooooo.

☞ You say you want to run a soul-based creative business while still having the most orgasmic health and relationships evahhhhh, but you keep ignoring your body and emotions in favor of “thinking your way through” and so your nervous system is now in a constant state of fight or flight... and yet you keep wondering why and how and what to doooooo.

You get the idea.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, first please scroll back and read the recap.

Maybe a few times.

We humans are a damn stubborn lot, and really taking what we “know” and embodying it as wisdom takes a whole lot of repetition. Trust.

And second, if you want some more strategic integration, go here:

As always…

Here’s to your Untaming,



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