Do Not Cross This Line...


 "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."

I had a lot of ear infections when I was younger.

One time, my doctor was out of town and I had to see one of his colleagues.

He punctured my eardrum.

{I'd say he wasn't giving his best that day, mmm?}

But this is not about that doctor.

This is about greatness.

Or, rather…


how greatness will allow you to fully unlock your Gift.


I'm a runner.

Even when it's so cold outside that I have to wear a balaclava and ear protection {partly due to my ear issues as a kid, I have trouble with really cold weather blowing through my ears, among other fun things like vertigo}.

I don't run as much in the winter, but I still do it.

Because it helps me create, which is everything {even worth the ridiculous pain that happens when I forget ear cover}.

But, most importantly for this conversation and why you should care, is that becoming a runner led me to a wildly focused man named Steve Prefontaine.

That quote at the top is one of his.

And that quote is one of my all-time favorites.

As Creators, we tend to have very... shall we say... strong personalities and habits.

Sometimes this is fabulous, like when it allows us to finish an incredible work of art, piece of content, signature talk, etc in like 12 hours of straight sweat equity-style work without a break.

Other times, however, we give up the ghost to Resistance and don't touch paper/easel/dance floor/etc for like three months, all because we had one bad day and then our connection to the Muse just kind of... disappeared.

All this to say, we tend to be pretty all-or-nothing with who we are, how we love, and what we stand for in our lives and with our soul's work.


Which works if you want to just dabble and play at being a Creator.


But at some point, we must draw a line in the sand if we are ever going to have the impact we desire and finally turn Pro.

Or, to finally move from what I call a Throne Abdicator to a Primal Provocateur™.

This requires us to not only cross the line between our old life and our greatness, but to erase the line behind us so we can never again move back to the other side.

For you, this might mean setting better boundaries around the relationships you keep.

Or maybe following through on who you say that you are.

Or even getting your gorgeous ass in the proverbial chair and CREATING no matter what.

...Rain or shine.

...Dusk or dawn.

...Good mood or bad.

You'll know what needs to shift for you, what needs to be expanded... and what needs to be surrendered.

And if you're wondering how to choose what needs to happen first {and how to actually follow through on it once you've decided}...

I'll be dropping a new vlog tmrw on How to Break the Habit of Excessive Over-Thinking.

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Loving you,



Tmrw, I'm being interviewed by an amazing goddess whose previous guests have included Michael Beckwith, Gabby Bernstein, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Panache Desai.

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Nikka Karli