Desire-Hunting Through Quicksand


We all want.

We crave.
We hunger.
We seek.
But sometimes, in all our desire-hunting, we forget that it is all here already. Within.
...We allow ourselves to feel less than.
...We pretend that the Light lives only in others and not in ourselves.
...We embody fear rather than love.
...We succumb to the miasma and quicksand that sucks us down into a never-ending spiral of existential worry and angst... and cuts us off from our body's medicine.
We forget that we ARE the medicine.
Today, I have no answers. Only more questions.
And that's OK.
I often feel that, as a Guide, I have to know more. Do more. Answer more.
And this leads me to turn OFF and mute myself.
Which only serves to mute the mission.
Meaning I don't show up, I don't lead, I don't heal.
So today, I am allowing myself to not Know.
To be in the question.
To receive the Medicine... However it desires to be Met.
Let's wade through the muck together, hmmmm?
Loving you madly and deeply,
Alchemical Untaming for Erotic Souls™



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