How Deeply Would You Love if You Were Truly Free?


Who would you BE if you were free? What would you do?

What would you create?

Who would you love?

Where would you live?

How would you be taking care of yourself?

What would you SAY about yourself? Who would you BE if you were free?

Would you be scared?

Of being yourself? Of letting people see the real you?

Would you create and live and love on your own terms?

Would you speak your truth?

Would you BELIEVE in your truth?

Who would you BE if you were free?

How would you interact with others?

Where would you invest your resources (time, love, money, spiritual gifts)?

Who would you help serve?


Would you love in spite of your fears?

Would you live the way you've always dreamed?

Would you MAKE the time for your art, your joy, your path?

Would you let it all hang out?

Physically? Spiritually? Emotionally?

Would you give yourself permission to FEEL it all?

Who would you BE if you were free?

Isn't it time to find out?

Come with me, on the journey into your truth, your soul, your freedom.

Let it be easy.

The freedom, the bliss, the abundance, the impact, the love, the desire, the intimacy.

It is only through our pleasure and our divinity that we can begin to see exactly who we came here to be.

Let your love and your desires be your beacon to your own homecoming.

Are you ready to know who you are, find inspired clarity and alignment with your message and art, and become 100% deliciously FREE in who you are?

As a woman. As a Creator. As a visionary. As you.

So that you can expand your gifts and RECEIVE your love and desires in a way that completely turns on your soul?

So that you can connect fully to the Divine and co-create a life and business you are madly in love with and can't WAIT to share with the world?

If so, I invite you into Illuminate: A Sultry Soul Sanctuary, a collective of spiritual warrior goddesses who are ready to BECOME.

This is pleasure, potency, embodiment, purpose, sensual awakening, spiritual guidance, and unapologetically basking in your sacred power.

The doors are open for you to step through and say yes to your own Untaming.

Join us here, Beautiful.

Loving you, Nikka

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