Activism, Numbing Out, & Embodied Light Leadership


 I want you to imagine a woman... Let’s call her Gabriela.

Gabriela is a woman on a fucking mission from the Divine.

She knows who she is.

When she walks into a room, people are drawn to her...


They call her things like Goddess and Intoxication and Magic and Light.


She knows she has this POWER, but can’t quite figure out how to catalyze it into her message and art in a way that MOVES people into action {and also completely turns on her soul}.

One other thing...

Gabriela has an incessant thrumming and longing in her bones that wakes her up in the middle of the night... but she can’t seem to answer the call.




Recently, Gabriela was watching almost one million humans gather to support {the safety of} our children over weapons.

...And she began to feel equal parts anxious and disconnected {with some confusion about her reaction thrown in for good measure}.

She cared about this movement, this rallying cry to action.

In fact, she cared SO deeply she was moved into a state of numbed-out disconnect.


Huh? What? Why???


Because Gabriela knows deep down that she is not BEING a woman who stands in her power so fully that others are activated to her mission in a way that actually changes the world.

...And seeing these children take up arms around their Truth rendered her all kinds of angsty and fidgety with the kind of shame that only a Creative Light Leader can feel when she knows she’s not showing up fully or living her Turn On.

{Hence the numbing out and disconnection.}




Gabriela KNOWS she isn’t leading and creating at the level that is necessary to shift the fabric of our Universe and consciously raise the vibration of our planet with her art and gifts.


And she also knows that she is faking her freedom.

{Well. Shit.}


She knows this because she has done enough growth work that she understands that, at this point, no one else is holding her back...

SHE has been enslaving herself. Ouchhhhhh.

The real complication though?

She can’t figure out how to insert the damn key to open the lock on the shackles that are encasing her Womanhood, Creativity, and Life.


And so she numbs out.

...She disconnects.

...She even {secretly} gets a weeeeeeee bit annoyed or triggered when she sees these causes that are BEGGING her to rise up.


Because she’s not.


Oh she PLAYS at rising up.

...She PLAYS at being an Embodied Light Leader.

...She PLAYS at being fully in her body and creating from her most sacred, primal intuitive Wild.


But she knows {on the ancient level that KNOWS things} that she is not walking her path as the UNTAMED GODDESS she is here to be.

And, more than almost anything, Gabriela wants desperately to walk her soul’s path and do the work she is here to do in the world... except, again, she’s not.

So what’s a powerhouse woman {who knows her Truth but isn’t quite walking it} to do NOW?




1) Own the shit out of who you are and what you are here to create. Yes, even when it’s messy. Even when it makes you feel even MORE like a black sheep. And yes, even when you don’t fully understand exactly HOW your mission is trying to express in the physical world. Even then.

2) Make the conscious decision to become the EMBODIED COMMITMENT of your Magic. Every. Single. Day... And then BE It.

3) Drop into your body and remember how to {Re}Wild into your sacred, primal, Untamed Truth. To orgasmically BREATHE past the bullshit and alchemize the wisdom of the ancients through your work, art, life, and love.

4) Create a RITUALIZED way of Being. One where The Primal and The Sacred are your go-to default for how you love... how you create... how you give and receive pleasure... and how you lead.




This is just a taste of the Medicine we are already creating in Sex Magic Woman™️.


{The goddesses in SMW are at this very moment having MASSIVE shifts and breakthroughs around why they haven’t been receiving the abundance, intimacy, impact, and freedom their souls so exquisitely CRAVE!}


So. Really. What I’m on about here is this:


We MUST rise up if we are to Lead and Create at the level our souls are crying out for in the dark of night.


And we must EMBODY it on every level of who we are.


Because that is how we live in energetic ecstasy and conscious co-creation with God, art, and soul.


Every. Single. Day.




The moon, the earth, the Wilds.

They are calling.


Will you answer?




Come Untame the Wild Magic of Your Soul™️ with me.


Because it’s time...

Because you’re needed...

Because “Gabriela” is you and me and us and we...


Join us now at


{Contact me here with questions.}



With howls and fists exalted to the sky,

Nikka 🐾🌙


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Nikka Karli