Crazy awakenings + greetings from Mexico

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Uh… so lately I’ve been uninspired, which sounds insane to even say “out loud”.

I thought it was because I’ve been crazy busy {in a good way} finishing up a 600-hour certification… plus teaching, mentoring, writing, coaching… and, ya know… just trying to do me.

But last week I listened to something that… shit, it’s seriously beyond words.

Suffice to say this:

You know when you hear something that rocks you to your very core?

And from that moment on, you know nothing will ever be the same again?

Yeah… it was like that.

Audio experiences can sometimes take us places that other mediums just can’t.

Maybe it’s because the wisdom just floods straight into your bones, carving a ley line of ancient remembrance and pleasure across your soul.

I’ll share more about what this means for the way I’ll be creating and for the epic projects I’ll be sharing with you, but for now let’s just say…

Shit’s about to go down.

And I’m so grateful you’re coming along for the ride.

Also, on an aside, I’m in the jungle helping facilitate tantric retreats for another 4.5 weeks {got here Friday}, so my blogs/emails will be way less frequent {obviously, lol}.

I’ll try to drop a blog or vlog this weekend {maybe...} and share some potent insights I’ve already gathered from the Wilds.

In the meantime:

If you’ve been craving a deeper connection to your pussy and your sexual energy...

And you know there’s a space of depth and consciousness that really needs to shift in order for you to embody the fuck out of who you came here to be and fully embody your sensual aliveness…

I’ve reopened a deep dive, body consciousness based program for you, which you can get here:

And if you enroll by this Saturday {Full Moon, May 18}, I’ll throw in a private 1:1 session with me.

Hit me back with any questions {I’ll check email/DMs by Saturday to be sure your question gets answered and that you can enroll before the deadline}.

Oh and check out this view!

Here’s to your Untaming,