The Certification That Will "Change Everything"

When I was younger, I cared about certifications and degrees. Not as much as most, but still... I cared.
I did not have the experience that I thought I would gain from having a piece of paper (or, for all you youngsters, an online image of a certificate that you can print out ).
I had the belief that the cert or degree would give me the validation of doing the work I wanted to do.
But it didn't.
I graduated with a degree in athletic training/kinesiology... and promptly landed a "good job" in my field at $14/hour, working for a mad woman who made her other employees cry.
Ummmm... yeah.
Over time, I began to listen to my inner voice of Knowing.
I began to feel more than think.
To trust more than look for external validation.
When we go within, we find the things we have always been seeking outside of ourselves:
Connection to all that is...
The intimacy that is required for all of this is the intimacy of being able to actually sit with oneself.
Without running from who you are (or who you are afraid you are).
If you were no longer afraid of being "found out" for the fraud that you think you might just be...
What would you be doing with your life?
Who would you be BEING in your relationships and with your creative expression?
What would you declare as your soul's non-negotiables?
...And how devoted would you become to walking your own path with Truth and Love?
It's not about a piece of paper (it never was).
It's about you experiencing life and being willing to finally know yourself at the deepest, most potent levels.
Excavate your Essence, Wild Ones.
Loving you.
As always...
Here's to your Untaming,
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