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Wanna Break Some Rules With Me?

If you’ve ever wanted to say F the Noise and just fucking do what the hell you came here to do… Read this. I’ve never been much for following rules just because they’re rules. Or just because someone behind the screen told me I should. Except in one area. Business and wealth. Yes, they’re kind of two areas but not for me. At some point, they blended into some type of quicksand-y, FUBAR situation in which my creative Genius and innate sexual aliveness became suffocated underneath

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The “Holy Terrain” Of Orgasm

We are taught to vilify our bodies. To desecrate them as if they are inherently wrong for even daring to exist. We are reminded, over and over {and over} again that they are less than… or too much… or whatever the opposite of how we’re expressing ourselves happens to be. And we proceed to enter into relationships and sexual “contracts” with this self-flagellation {not in the fun bdsm way}

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Sex Magic for Manifestation

Do you know how to pay attention when your body is trying to get your attention? ...Or do you need to be knocked flat on your ass before you notice the signals your body has been trying to give you? If we’re attuned, we can recognize the feedback from our body when it’s smaller {aka: not catastrophic

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What The Gorgeous International Spy Said To Her Baby Daddy

One of my favorite shows is completely un-PC and likely offensive to someone, somewhere in pretty much every single episode. One of the main characters… let’s call her Lana ;)... gets super exasperated with the other main character… let’s call him Archer… and she has a single word response to any and all of his shit-show shenanigans. And that response is

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