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The Vulgarity Of Being Vague

The idea that we must draw a line in the sand appeals to us on some levels, within specific aspects of our lives. But not with everything. The spaces in which we find ourselves being repelled from that line are the spaces through which our body is asking us to step into the Deep Work. Now, we can distract ourselves with all sorts of things that sound like right… if only to keep moving ourselves further and further away from that fiendish line.

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Hard Work, Talent, And Being Held Responsible For Your Greatness

We often avoid the idea of hard work, because we are afraid that once we begin… we won’t be able to stop. We’ll be “on the hook”. To those we seek to serve… and to our own soul. And so we pretend that there is a shit ton of oh-so-important things that simply must happen before we can get down to work. We distract ourselves with a million things that look and smell and taste aalllllmmmoooost like “right”. Except, when it comes down to it… in the dark of night

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The "Creative" Lie Heard Round the World

At some point, you were told that you had to be quieter or louder... less intelligent or more… more beautiful or less… sexier or more tamed… just… different than your innate nature. But, as you soon found out, no matter what you did or didn’t do, someone {probably many someones} was going to inevitably take issue with who you were. And you likely had one of two reactions:

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