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Hard Work, Talent, And Being Held Responsible For Your Greatness

We often avoid the idea of hard work, because we are afraid that once we begin… we won’t be able to stop. We’ll be “on the hook”. To those we seek to serve… and to our own soul. And so we pretend that there is a shit ton of oh-so-important things that simply must happen before we can get down to work. We distract ourselves with a million things that look and smell and taste aalllllmmmoooost like “right”. Except, when it comes down to it… in the dark of night

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First Of All… I’ma Do Both.

Radio silence: I stopped emailing and I stopped engaging. And then I went into the depths of a major uplevel of Pussy, mind, and soul. With how I show up. Create. Move. Speak. Lead… So, here’s my reemergence into the world of “shipping” my creative expression. And also, I’m still in an epic unraveling and dismantling of my last stage of identity and artistry.

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What about your friends?

Sometimes we forget that in order to create at our best, we need high level support. This might be in the form of mentors, teachers, lovers, or family. And it might also be in the form of friends. I’m staying with one of my newer but oh-so-incredible friends in LA this weekend. Yesterday, we dove into all the artistic and world-changing feels with

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How To Succeed (& Fail) Faster

It’s been said by many an artist that in order to succeed, we must first be willing to fail. And therefore, in order for us to see success arrive at a quicker pace or, at least, a more frequent one… that we must also learn to fail faster and more often. This is where most of us get caught up

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Sex Magic for Manifestation

Do you know how to pay attention when your body is trying to get your attention? ...Or do you need to be knocked flat on your ass before you notice the signals your body has been trying to give you? If we’re attuned, we can recognize the feedback from our body when it’s smaller {aka: not catastrophic

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The Risk Of Excellence

You know you’re here for excellence... in all you do… in all you are… But you’re not allowing it into your life. Not really. Not wholly and in a way that completely turns on your soul. Why Because you’re afraid of what it would mean if you did.

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