But What if You're Cheating on Your Soul???


I had a maaaaaaaaajor Divine Download today during my trauma healing practice {embodied sacred work that allows us to fully stand in our power and share our gifts like a goddess... some yumminess we'll be alchemizing in Sex Magic Woman}.


And it goes a little something like this:


***Coaching is not a betrayal of my writing... It FUELS my writing.***


I've been conflicted.

...About teaching and coaching.

...About my own business services.

...About working with other humans at ALL.


Because it is soooooo important to me to be in alignment with my gifts and path and to hold them as sacred.

{Plus I'm a raging empath/Indigo/introvert, but that's another story for another day.}


But, in that "commitment", I've been seeing things through a colored lens.

I've been trying to only do one thing when one thing is not what I'm here to do.


As if, by growing a global, magical elixir of a mission-led business that I am dishonoring my art.


But it's so far from the truth.

{It also sends mixed signals to the Universe, which means we don't physically actualize our desires. Yeah. That.}


When we open ourselves to our path as it is in this moment, we open ourselves even further to the Muse and to our own bliss.


Yes, focus on the thing you are divinely called to in this moment {AKA do the Deep Work}, but also? Don't deny yourself the pleasure of exploring all aspects of your desires.


Mentoring and teaching in-person experiences bring me joy.

...They fuel my creativity.

...They allow me to serve at a whooooole 'nutha level.


And I love it.


Writing is the blood flowing through my veins.

When it's "good", when it's "bad", when I can't think of anything I'd rather do LESS...

It's still a part of the soul I came here to be.


So, no matter what ELSE I am doing, I am writing.

I am doing what I came here to do and being who I came here to be.


AND... I'm allowing myself to also play with everything else I desire to play with.


I'm surrendering to being fully ALIVE.



What are you surrendering to today? And how will you allow yourself to be in the space of DEVOTION, allowing it to come through you every single day, forever and ever, amen?

I'd love to know. Just comment here.


All the yummmmmm.



As always...


Here's to your Untaming,

Nikka "Bring on the Desires" Karli


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