Are You Willing to Bleed for Your Dreams?


Do you have a dream? Not just any dream.

Not the kind you say you want but aren't actually willing to sacrifice anything to achieve.

Not the kind that's prettier to talk about than BE about.

Not the kind that you pursue just to appease the Norms around you (AKA your family, friends, coworkers, boss, society-at-large).

I'm talking about the kind of dream that rises up from your soul and takes a hold of you by the throat and refuses to let go.

Until you don't think you'll ever be able to breathe again if you don't pursue this dream.

Until every moment, and the space between the moments, becomes completely blanketed by the pursuit of this dream.

Until you can't even have a conversation (or really any experience if you're being honest with yourself) without your mind wandering time after time after time to the never-ending perfection of your craft.

So.  Do you have a dream?

The kind of dream that is going to change the world with its raw beauty.

The kind of passion that enchants the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever themselves had a dream.

The kind of Divine Mission that sets the world ablaze and leaves mediocrity crumbling in your wake.

So.  Do you have a dream?

The kind of dream that is purely a God-given gift.

It's beyond talent.  IT'S SACRED.

Yes, you still have to work (harder than most people have ever dreamed of).

Yes, you still have to sweat and bleed for your dream.

Yes, you still have to sacrifice what the Norms consider to be the important things in life.  Like that 9-5 job "security" (read Slow Death) , partying, drinking, watching 3 hours of nonsense on TV every night...  You know.  The Good Life.

And you sacrifice these things happily.


Because you know one thing with full-on, unapologetic certainty...

You'd rather bleed for your dreams than die with them untold inside of you.

Because this is what it means to have a dream.

So.  Again.  I ask you...

Do you have a dream?


Here's to your Untaming,

Nikka Karli

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