Answering the Call


So often, we place our value and worth in the hands of other people and then wonder why we never feel whole. We have disconnected from God and nature... and then wonder why we feel so separate and unfocused.

We live in opposition to the natural rhythms and cycles of this world we were gifted.

We ask for peace, but court war.

We crave love, but run from it with all we've got because we are so afraid to be truly seen without the masks we've worn for so long.

We have forgotten that we ARE love.

We wear our wounding like badges of honor, as if our old stories and pain DEFINE us.

We erect them as stone walls, barriers between our hearts and the rest of the world.

We are killing ourselves... chasing an early grave because we no longer understand that to be free, we have to return to the ill-used skills of thinking for ourselves and leading from emotion vs fear.

Our happiness is NOW.

We must stop living for our past and our future and remember how to be present here. Now. In this moment.

I'm going live on Fierce, Wild, & Free Radio for today's episode "Answering the Call".

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Loving you. N

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