a poem: house broken


we’ve allowed then to tame us

you and i

creatures of the night

and the dawn


the ones who howl

at the moon

and raise fists

with exalted voices

to the sky


how can we be free

if we continue

to place shackles

upon ourselves


there was once a time and space

where they needed

to force our submission

while pouring lies

down our throats

and telling us

it was truth


but now

we have become

so utterly domesticated

that we enslave

our own wrists


we bind

our own minds

we place our own hands

over our mouths

and mute

our souls


when did we become

so afraid

of being



-house broken, © 2018


As always...


Here's to your Untaming,


#stalkingthemoon #sexmagicwoman #musingsfromthewild


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