A day late and a dollar short {F me}


A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Pre-S: Body of Work is open for pre-sale. If you enroll now, you’ll receive my orgasmically delicious program, Sex Magic Woman™, for free when it reopens in April.


I had a plan.

And in this plan, my new program- Body of Work- was going to open this past weekend.

I did the market research.

I have the best copywriting mentor.

I have the best sexual energy mentor.

I have a fabulous fucking connection with God, art, and soul.

I was ready… I was sooooo ready.

Except for one thing:

The words wouldn’t come.

Now, as a writer and storyteller, I can tell you, this is one of those things you know you will have to deal with at some point or another.

You just hope it’s not before the opening of the absolute, hands-down best program you’ve ever created.

Of course, you also know that there are some things you just can’t force.

Some things that, in the end, will come through on their own time, not yours.

That was how the writing went for Body of Work.

It took its sweet time coming through.

But when it did?

Oh Goddess, did it come THROUGH.

I just had to get out of the way and drop so deeply into my primal body that the words could ride my bones.

And then the magic was born.

You can’t fight the Muse.

Well, ok, you can… but it’s not going to get you anywhere worth going.

And when you stop fighting Her and instead join forces to battle the real enemy {Resistance}…

The entirety of the Universe moves in you… and in your work.

And this is were Body of Work comes in.

In order to produce your greatest Body of Work ever, you absolutely must learn to have full agency… full sovereignty… within your own body first.

And around these parts, we like to do it with sexual energy.

...Because it’s the primordial essence that lives in each and every one of us.

...Because it’s the sweet nectar that carves its way through our bones.

...And because it’s the way home.

You can see what Body of Work is all about right here.

And you’ll see how you can not only use sexual energy to align even more closely with God, art, and soul…

But also how to ground so deeply in your body that you begin creating a living legacy with your work TODAY.

...Without sacrificing precious time or energy with the people and projects that matter most.

The first issue drops April 1, but if you join right meow, you get free access to Sex Magic Woman™ when it reopens in early April.

You can also Vox me starting the moment you enroll, with whatever you desire creative direction/feedback on right now.

Access to The April Issue closes March 31 at 11:59pm PT.

So don’t sleep...

And hit reply with any questions.

Loving you,


Nikka Karli