A $50,000 Reward

Image via Nikkolas Smith  @nikkolas_smith  |  nikkolas.art

Image via Nikkolas Smith @nikkolas_smith | nikkolas.art


This might be a bit "clunkier" than my normal writing, because I'm feeling pretty raw right now.

Yesterday, I opened up Instagram to learn that Jazmine Barnes, a seven-year-old black girl who lived in Houston with her family, was shot and killed at a Walmart by a white man in a pickup truck.

He pulled up to her family and opened fire, wounding others and fatally shooting Jazmine.

I was not stunned, nor was I in disbelief.

Perhaps you are, reading this, though.

Perhaps you are shocked that this sort of thing would ever happen in today's day and age...

But I, as I said, am not.

The reason I was not surprised by this horrific atrocity is that it was not an isolated incidence and does, in fact, happen all the time.

Black, brown, and indigenous families experience racial injustice, kidnapping, and horrific crimes that go unnoticed and unsolved every week.

Not only in America, but in many places around the world.


I am not shocked... but I am outraged.


And I believe everyone should be as well.

I know that's not reality, I know that most will read this and bypass their part in how this is the current state of affairs as we enter 2019.

Please note: This is not a cruel dismissal of your Truth but, rather, a reason that this sort of monstrosity is allowed to continue.

However, if even one of you stops and sits with this tragedy, without waiting for someone else to do something to remedy the situation, well... that's how change begins.

Shaun King of The North Star {of which I'm a Founding Member and wholeheartedly support} has helped raise $50,000 as a reward to find Jazmine's murderer.

If you feel called to take a stand against senseless racism and violence, here are two ways you can get involved:

  1. You can read more about the ongoing situation here and share Shaun's posts on your social media {and contact him if you have any way to help with the reward or with information}

  2. You can copy this email via blog post here, then share it on social media and/or email it to your own tribe


Whatever you do, please don't do nothing.


And even if you aren't called to share, please go deep into your own soul work and start asking yourself what you are called to support at this time and begin to incubate some ideas on how you can become an even greater part of the solution.

Thank you for reading.

I see you.

I love you.

Please contact me if you need to talk.

I'm here.





If you feel called to get more deeply involved in this work, you can join The North Star here. Please use my name as your referral and then let me know once you've joined so I can give you a shoutout and some love on Insta.


This is why we, as Creators, MUST create.

We mustdo the work we are here to do in order to be the change we want to see.

If you want my help, definitely sign up for this free workshop I'm hosting next week. 

Nikka Karli