What Miguel Taught Me About “Coffee” In The Morning

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I’m sitting at a terminal, ready to fly back to Cali.

Another gate, another plane…

And I’m listening to my Summer Rewind on Spotify and Miguel is first up to bat.

“Coffee {aka Fucking} in the Morning”

It’s one of those songs that drops me into an even deeper space of turn on, which is super important in the morning {night owl, over here} and when I’m traveling.

It’s also similar to the beats I was swaying my ass to when I got out of bed earlier, moving through my Wild Nectar Practice™ and excavating all kinds of creative feels.

And it just hit me:

One of the reasons I love listening to music like this is because I don’t have to think about what I need or want in that moment… I just feel it.

Which means my creativity and discipline go into the most succulently embodied level of high performance evahhhhhh…

In a way that completely turns on my Pussy, mind, and soul.

One big thing Creators hire me for is helping them get out of their heads and deeply into their bodies.

With how they create... make love... show up in their mission… own the fuck out of any stage they walk on... All of it.

Because there is a part of our consciousness that always- always- remembers the sensation of being free.

And this part is continuously clawing its way out of our body, whether we will it or not.

Which means having a daily practice that helps us reawaken the most erotic freedom we have ever known is not only a good idea… it’s a nonnegotiable.

That is, if you want to be able to produce your greatest work ever while also cultivating the best relationships, health, and bliss your body has ever known.

This is where Body of Work comes in. Specifically, The July Sessions.

Because we’ll be excavating all kinds of feels around erotic and creative freedom, every single week together.

The deadline to join is tonight.

So if you feel called, head here before midnight PT:


I’m traveling all around LA today, so I won’t be checking in on social or email much. But I’ll try to pop in before midnight to see if you have any questions.


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