Can We Do The Unthinkable?

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I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life…

Waiting to take an action that would propel me into an unprecedented level of success, turn on, and greatness.

Waiting, not on the shit that was irrelevant, but on the Big Ticket Items… you know, the things that really mattered to me on a soul level.

I’ve done a huge amount of deep work around this... dismantling the ideologies and patterns I had encoded into my consciousness… the quicksand that was standing between me and the freedom my body was propelling me towards.

But here’s the thing:

I always knew I could do the work, there was never any doubt in my mind about that part.

So why, then, have there been so many times where I hemmed and hawed over the decision... instead of just making the damn decision?

It’s something I’ve been musing on and cultivating practices around for years.

And also getting the support of some truly epic mentors and guides.

Now, you can hire me to help you with this and it would serve you in countless ways.

But I’ve also been feeling deeply called to create something that is just… Wild Medicine. For all who are ready to partake.

It will be storytelling, binaural beats, poetry, and a whole lot more.

And it’s dropping this week.

Holy fuck balls, Batman, I am so turned on and excited to bring this into space with you.


Until then, I thought you might like to watch this oldie-but-goodie over on my IGTV channel.

It’s called “Can We Do the Unthinkable” and it’s fiyahhhhhh.


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