But here goes...


There's something burning its way through your soul, begging- DEMANDING- that you step up and commit.



You're not.

Because it's the scariest thing you've ever been called to do in your life. 🤭


You've always been able to achieve success, because you can always drop everything and become so completely absorbed {read: obsessed} with the task at hand, that you can find a way to get things done.


Except this time...

Something is different.

Or, really, YOU'RE different.


Because this is the thing that could make or break you.


It's the thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, staring around your room with The Wild in your eyes and shame in your heart.


Why shame?


Because you know, down to the very marrow of your bones, that you're not going all in on this Soul Thing.


And when the lights are out and there's no one left to BS, you know that you haven't fully committed because you're more AFRAID that you've ever been before.


Because this thing that's dragging its claws across the inside of your rib cage, making your breath catch and heart pound inside your body?


You can't power through it.


Oh, you've tried.

You've done the things that usually work to get you what you want.

But this Thing?


It's not having ANY of it.


This Thing is tearing down your walls and demanding that you de-armor.

This Thing is commanding you to bare your everything.

This Thing... will either be your greatest victory or your most horrific downfall. 😵



But what are you going to do?

Give up?

Tuck tail and hide... again?

Or, this time... will you decide to look at the gnawing vibration of shame and guilt and fear and be willing to finally- FINALLY- go all in?


And understand that you must be willing to sacrifice the way you've always done things in order to step into The One Thing that is your EVERYTHING?


I'm kind of shaking in my own vibrational shit storm as I write this. 🤮


Because this is where I am right now.


I just talked with one of my favorite humans {and badass mentor} and she told me the thing I knew but didn't want to admit {fabulous mentors do this for us}.

And it's time.

I know it's time.


For me to begin leading the most epic, alchemical, Wild soul vision quest experiences in the depths of the jungle. 🔥


To play with the soul and seasons and elements and sex magic and storytelling for global change.

To guide a few brave Mystics, Mavericks, and Medicine Women on the most cathartic, embodied immersion of their lives... and of mine as well.


If you've ever stayed in the jungle, you know it takes no prisoners. 🙅🏽‍♀️


You cannot leave as the same woman you entered.

The jungle will not allow it.

You will purge and dance and undulate and write and cry and dream and transform and create.


You WILL #GoddessTheFuckUp. 🧝🏽‍♀️


This will involve potent, bespoke 1:1 Sex + Story + Soul Medicine work AND Body Poetry Ceremony + Tribal Awakening work in the heart of the jungle around the most sacred times of the year.


This is high touch, high level work and is not for beginners.


You need to have been doing your own journeying work for at least 3 years and are already leading a tribe {small or large} of divine beings in your creative, conscious soul's work.


You know how to go hard in the paint... but you have some {ahem} challenges with surrender and being fully in your body.


You're 100% committed to Embodied Light Leadership and using your art and voice to raise the vibrational frequency of our planet and affecting massive social change with your work.


You're booking the stages/shows/galleries, you're landing the book deals, you're getting the media...


But you're still craving the Wildress Ways that make you feel like a fucking WOMAN... in your brand, in your creativity, and in the bedroom.


God, I could go on and on.


Because I know you. I GET you. 😩


I've spent the last two + decades coaching, facilitating, and teaching global executives, athletes, entrepreneurs, cancer patients, and artists.


And I've neglected MY One Big Thing.


I tried to power through {that's what we do as Get Shit Done creatives and athletes, right?}.

I tried to neglect my body and just do the mindset work.

And I tried to launch thing after thing that allowed me to stay distracted from my ONE Thing.


But at some point, you've just gotta get so raw and real with yourself that all the bullshit can't even hide anymore.



I'm here.

I'm all in.

And my Thing that's been scaring the ever-loving shit out of me for the past six years?


Leading these jungle retreats. 😱


Going all the way in and being willing to possibly see one of my deepest wounds thrown in my face:

No one showing up. 😖


If you've ever been the kid waiting for a parent to come to your party, to show up, then you know what I mean.

It's dumb and it's old and I've done the Work around it.


But it still sticks it's damn head up in the One Thing That Could Shift Everything.


You know.

You've got a wound like it too.


It goes dormant and you fall into a false sense of security that the Work is "done", that you've got this. 🤦🏽‍♀️


And then you're faced with actually doing your One Thing.

And THEN you're back under the covers, sucking your thumb, crying for your mommy.


Or starting stupid fights with your partner.

Or sabotaging your greatest artistic endeavor.

Or taking a decade to do the Thing your soul has been begging you to do.



Here we are.

Me, hosting a party and seeing if you're going to show.


And I can tell you... this feeling?

It fucking sucks big time. 🙍🏽‍♀️


But worse than this?

Taking another decade to go all in on the Thing my soul is asking of me. 🙅🏽‍♀️



No more distractions for you or for me.

No more waiting and longing and overthinking and second guessing.

No more powering our way through to the One Thing that demands us to soften and FEEL.

No. More.


If you're feeling some kind of way about this and want to know more, contact me here and we'll talk and weave dreams into being.


And then we'll see about this party in the jungle. 😍


Awwwww yeah.


Loving you madly and deeply,

N 🐾🌙



If you skipped to the bottom...


I'm freaking out and going all in on my Soul's Work... and I'm having a party in the jungle. Wanna come? Go back and read the post. Hee hee. 😂👆🏽

Nikka Karli