Primal Provocateur™

Wild Jungle Initiation into The Ancient Feminine for Women Who Howl at the Moon



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I am so fucking honored you are interested in stepping into this work together.

Please take your time with the application, as I am going to be very selective with who I invite to come on this Quest.

There are no right or wrong answers, I will simply be feeling into the energy and resonance around the women who apply… and selecting the few of you who I feel will be the best fit for this experiential Soul Excavation.

Once you apply…

You will receive an email with details about the investment, a little more about the Quest, and the next steps should you be invited to an Initiation Interview.

After that, we will decide if this is a fuck yes for us both.

Awwww yeah…

Oh… I wanted to share one more piece of Primal Pussy Power with you

This is a quick sampling of a Soul Vision Quest I led in California.



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